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Do you love to cook? Are you remodeling your kitchen and looking for affordable appliances? Then visit K & A Appliance, Inc. today. You'll find both gas and electric ranges for sale in our shop, and we offer both natural and propane gas options.


Not interested in gas? That's okay. You can also get an electric range with a coil or glass top depending on your preference. You can even get a dual range, which offers both gas and electric options. Our ranges are 20, 24 or 30 inches to match your kitchen.

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Oven options

If you're looking for an oven to go with your range, we've got you covered! You can get single ovens, double ovens, and convection ovens from us. Whatever your need, our experienced staff can help you find the oven to match your budget. We even have a variety of colors available.


We have both lower-end and high-end appliances available, so there's something for everyone. And if you have a small budget, we can recommend financing options for you. Since 1976, we've been helping people find their best appliances. You'll love our 12-month warranty!

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